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The Family and Gender Study Group (EFYGE), is formed by people from diverse professional backgrounds, with the following goals:

  • To share the work and findings that from different angles and encompassing all disciplines will allow its members to deepen in a family´s reality as a key entity for the development and happiness of individuals as well as societies.
  • To emphasize that effort on a gender´s perspective that will allow for the identification of the different genders contributions according to their sexual role, how they complement each other as well as to investigate the reach and limit of the gender roles.
  • EFYGE strives to be a space to reflect and dialogue open to share with society, through different means, the fruit of its work. To achieve these goals EFYGE plans to develop several activities: Seminars for its members, conferences, congresses, book publications, WebPages publication, etc.
  • EFYGE is a study group independent of any political, economic or ideological group and each member or guest is responsible for their own opinions. EFYGE was born in Asturias, Spain but it´s open to share its work with other institutions regardless of their geographic location




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